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Sears Home Warranty Benefits - Terms and Conditions

A) SHS HW Program – ENROLLMENT BENEFITS (when applicable)

As a benefit to you of signing up for the SHS HW Program, SEARS may apply discounts or waive charges you may owe for certain products and services, subject to your agreement to remain enrolled in the program for the full initial term of the plan. Should you cancel your SHS HW Program prior to the expiration of your initial term, said discounts or waived charges will be due and payable to Sears.


(Note: The Discount on non-covered repairs benefit applies only to Appliance, HVAC and Water Heater related services.)

During the thirty (30) days leading up to the Agreement’s effective date, you are entitled to a twenty-five percent (25%) discount or reimbursement off the price paid on certain services performed and related parts provided by SEARS that are not otherwise covered by this Agreement. The 25% discount continues after the effective date and throughout the Agreement’s term only 1) for customers of the Appliance Only option of the SHS HW Program towards applicable HVAC and Water Heater related services, and 2) for customers of the Systems Only option of the SHS HW Program, towards Appliance related services. In no event will the 25% discount amount under this Agreement exceed five hundred dollars ($500).


1. Under the terms of this Agreement, you may choose to receive up to two Preventive Maintenance Service Calls (each a “PM Service Calll”) (one Heating Service Call and one Air Conditioning Service Call). per year. You may schedule only one PM Service Call at a time, and PM Services Calls must be completed within the appropriate Availability Window. The Availability Window for Air Conditioning PM Service Calls is February 1st through April 30th. The Available Window for Heating PM Service Calls is August 1st through October 31st. If you fail to schedule a PM Service Call during the Availability Windows, you may not “make-up” that PM Service Call by scheduling a PM Service Call outside the Availability Window. No refund will be given for missed PM Service Calls.

2. When you call with a PM Service Call request, the program administrator will provide information on how to schedule service.

3. This Agreement covers only the labor costs (except where indicated otherwise within this Agreement) resulting from performing a specific set of preventive maintenance tasks on one Air Conditioning and one Heating system located within your home.

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